Miva Merchant Store: Support Services

Service Club - Monthly Membership
Miva Merchant Service Club comes in three flavors: Basic (Free), Premier ($19.9 ...More Info

Price: $0.00

MivaSQL to MySQL conversion
This service converts the Database API from MivaSQL to MySQL for version 5 stor ...More Info

Price: $149.00

Password Recover Service
Miva Merchant Support will reset your login password for your Miva Merchant Sto ...More Info

Price: $29.00

Install Service
The Miva Merchant Install Service offers full installation and setup of your ne ...More Info

Price: $149.00

Upgrade Service
The Miva Merchant Upgrade Service offers a complete backup, upgrade, and config ...More Info

Price: $149.00

Migration Service
The Miva Merchant Migration Service offers a transfer of any existing Miva Merc ...More Info

Price: $149.00

Empresa Install Service
The Miva Merchant Empresa Install Service includes installation and configurati ...More Info

Price: $399.00

Empresa Upgrade Service
The Miva Merchant Empresa Upgrade Service provides for the upgrade of Miva Merc ...More Info

Price: $249.00

WordPress install service for one domain. ...More Info

Price: $19.95

License key will be converted from bundle to non-bundle and the key will be goo ...More Info

Price: $995.00