TaxTools for Miva Merchant TaxTools for Miva Merchant

TaxTools by is a full-cycle sales tax solution for e-commerce merchants that simplifies the sales tax process from customer to taxing authorities. It is designed to be a simple drop-in solution that frees merchants from the tedious maintenance of ever-changing sales tax rates and regulations.

TaxTools by easily installs into your Miva Merchantâ„¢ store (5.x or 4.x) like any other sales tax module, offering address scrubbing during checkout, sales tax calculations across multiple nexuses, and online reporting and remittance. Because everything is maintained centrally on the servers, there's no need to update your store when rates or tax boundaries change. Everything is managed for you, leaving you free to do what you do best...sell!

The flexible admin interface gives you control over your configuration.

Sign up today for a free trial and see how makes your sales tax headaches disappear. offers the following benefits:

Sales Tax Calculations

Accurate sales tax rates lead to the right calculation and the right amount collected from your customer.

Address Scrubbing

A valid customer address eliminates incorrect tax charges due to wrong information, and also reduces address correction fees from your shipping carriers.

Online Reporting

All the data you need for accounting and filing is available in our easy-to-use reporting interface.