Miva Merchant Enterprise is our Dedicated Server/Private Cloud solution for your high end ecommerce hosting needs. Prices start at $695 for a PCI Compliant multi-instance Private Cloud.

Miva Merchant Enterprise takes our software platform and combines enterprise hosting architecture and platinum-level customer service with custom ERP and CRM integrations. Enterprise is meant for ecommerce businesses large or small that have fast growth plans and any of the following needs:

  • High volumes of traffic or transactions

  • Integrated with your ERP via EDI or XML

  • Integrated with your CRM via EDI or XML

  • Physical and network flexibility and security

  • Reliable redundant servers

  • Platinum-level customer service

Hosting Architecture

Cisco Certified Computing System Cluster

  • Complete installation of CentOS
  • Virtualization performed by VSphere 5.1 Enterprise Pro
  • Up to 128GB of Memory
  • Up to 8 processors
Cisco, VM Ware, EMC2

EMC CLARiiON Cx4 Disk Array

  • Array of 146 hard drives with four redundant paths
  • 600MB/second disk performance

If you are ready to take your business to Enterprise class fill out the form below and one of our sales reps will provide you a custom quote.