Multi-Seat Pricing, Software-as-a-Service and the Decline of the "Hosting" Industry

There’s been a lot of discussion (especially amongst “old timers”) about our business model change at the end of 2014.

If you’re looking for just “the facts” you should read this other post first as it’s a much more focused piece that breaks the discussion down into a Q&A format. You can read that here: Your Multi-Seat Pricing Questions Answered.

However if you’re interested in more of a stream of consciousness history of our business model(s) and a bit more color on the whole story, then this post is for you.

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Is 2015 the Year for a Site Rebuild?

Yes, the New Year is upon us. And yes, we too have made some resolutions. But we’re not here to talk new beginnings and clean slates. Were here to talk Return on Investment in the form of a site rebuild. Since we are in the business of helping your businesses successfully sell online, we thought we would assist you in making the daunting decision–To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild?

Many business owners are reflecting on their 2014 gross revenue and thinking about how to make more money in the coming year. (If you’re not thinking along those lines….start!) With a solid 21% rise in ecommerce sales this past year, it’s safe to say your website is precious territory that should be in tip top industry standard shape. Throughout this blog post we’re hoping to help aid you in deciding if your website is in shape or maybe it could use a few push ups.

Before we get into the guts of rebuilding, ask yourself the following questions:

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Miva Merchant 9.0002 Is Out Now!

There’s a new Miva Merchant update out now. The current build is ver. 9.0002 and can be downloaded and installed by logging into your Miva Merchant admin. If you are still running on ver. 9.0 of the Miva Merchant software, you have some great new features awaiting you once you complete the update for your store.

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